Flipper saver / Fin saver
    Product Name : Flipper saver / Fin saver
    Product Description

    Flipper saver ( Fin saver )
    1.38 mm x 24.5 cm Neoprene + webbing Flipper ( Fin ) Saver 

    w/ 18 cm ( L ) (after folding) x 1.1 cm ( W ) webbing lace
    2.Customized Label or Branded 
    3. Low profile Velcro fastening 
    4. High quality

    Product Introduction

    Our fin savers use a thick neoprene padding and sew with the webbing and velcro strap, providing additional comfort around the ankle, including a stronge webbing lace that prevents slippage between the back of the ankle and rubber fin strap.